BENI - "Kazoku ni Narou yo"

Just promise me you'll love me
For another 100 years
Sorry about all the times I let you down
You're always there, by my side,
With a smile and helping hand
Now I know that you'll always be the one

Nobody knows what the future holds for us
There may be times when
You feel like letting go
Sometimes we disagree,
And all our plans they may fall apart
But as long as there is love,
I know together we'll work it out

Like dad with his strong arms,
Holding me, the times I cried
Like mom with her loving eyes,
Carrying me all through the night
Together we can be all that we want to be
A brand new life, a family

Now and then I remember how
How weak I was back then
Waiting for someone to come
And dry my tears
Carry such a heavy load, just
To stay afloat, I barely survive
I'm grateful for all the things you do for me

Someday I hope that I can give a little more
Although it's easier said than done
I wanna be someone who helps all in need
Step by step one at a time
Making a change in the name of love

Like grandpa watching over
Everybody, silent and strong
Like grandma always got a
Smile on her face, so soft and warm
And it's deep within my heart,
All that we need to start
A brand new life, a family

One day we'll be reminiscing good times
We had with our beautiful boy
One day you'll be walking down
That aisle giving our girl
To the one she loves
No matter what life brings,
I know you're what I need
A brand new life, a family

And it's deep within my heart,
Everything we need to start
We'll be complete, a family

Transcribed by Kyoko.