I go by Kyoko Sagaki(佐垣共子), which is not my real name. I've been translating lyrics since October 30th, 2004. At first I only translated Rina Aiuchi lyrics, because there weren't a lot of translations of her songs out there back then. (I ran it on my old Tripod site Gutterpunk, which I closed a month before I hit the ten-year mark on it.) However, I had interest in translating more than just Rina Aiuchi lyrics, and after a while I wasn't the only one translating her stuff, so I opened up my general Japanese lyrics site Kyoko Sagaki's Japanese Lyrics on August 13th, 2007. Back then I did romanizations only for a lot of songs. I rebooted the site on September 27th, 2010 and basically started from scratch. Starting from then I translated every song I added. I decided to close Gutterpunk entirely in April of 2013 and moved the lyrics part of the site only to my Livejournal. While there were advantages to LJ (like people being able to comment and request), I missed having my own site, so I decided to take the plunge and get my own domain name. And since it was so close, I made the launch date October 30th, 2014, the tenth anniversary of opening my first lyrics site.


Image #01: BENI (BENI Official Tumblr)
Image #02: Hikaru Utada (Music Pixels)
Image #03: BoA (OneHallyu)
Image #04: BoA (Pop Crush)
Image #05: OLIVIA (Music Pixels)
Image #06: LiSA (natalie)
Image #07: MISIA (BARKS)
Image #08: FEMM (Oricon)
Image #09: GARNiDELiA (Hikari no Akari)
Image #10: Yuka Masaki (aramatheydidnt!)
Image #11: girl next door (Music Pixels)
Image #12: Every Little Thing (Avex Management)
Image #13: Mai Kuraki (UNIQUE ♥ M.U.S.E)
Image #14: Perfume (Pinterest)
Image #15: Kumi Koda (Cover Animes)
Image #16: Kumi Koda (Music Pixels)
Image #17: Namie Amuro (Pacifico Yokohama)
Image #18: REOL (iTunes)
Image #19: FEMM (FAKY Twitter)
Image #20: BoA (Music Pixels)
Image #21: Masaharu Fukuyama (Jenie.co)
Image #22: Beverly (non.KPOPSCENE)
Image #23: BENI (Love & Light)
Image #24: Namie Amuro (generasia)
Image #25: Namie Amuro (fansshare)
Image #26: Ayumi Hamasaki (zyrex.org)
Image #27: Namie Amuro (Pinterest)
Image #28: Ayumi Hamasaki (Higher Plain Music)
Image #29: Meisa Kuroki (Kibecy's Blog)
Image #30: Kumi Koda (Jpop Letras)